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In Loving Memory of my daughter Cheryl
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Here,is the story of my daughter,Cheryl,whose life was taken,by someone,who has no regard for life,or humamity. Cheryl was 27 years old,and was struggling to have a decent life.Cheryl worked at the Hot Springs Mall,in Hot Springs,Arkansas.She worked at Maurices dress shop,and loved her job. It was perfect for her since she was a fashion queen,she always looked good,and smelled good. Cheryl was a beauty,everyone wanted to be close to her. She was a simple girl,all she ever wanted was to have a normal life. But,life was not easy for Cheryl,she had many burdens. Cheryl was a very private person,so her family never really knew what took place around her.We only know there was something very wrong. She lived in downtown Hot Springs,Arkansas,at The Clinton Loft apartment building. She had lived there almost a year,and she liked her little apartment. Cheryl,had a dog named princiss,and she was her pride and joy. It was Thanksgiving holiday,whenever Cheryl was muurdered,at her front door. Cheryl got off work a little early,on November 26,2002,two days before thansgiving.She had just gotton her paycheck,and had done some Christmas shopping. She had run some errands for her boyfriends parents,and was headed home. Cheryl's fanily believe that someone was waiting for her. Some witness's stated,they saw a black man sitting on the wall,by Cheryl's apartment. We only know that between 5:50,and 6:00,something went very wrong. The suspect approached Cheryl with a gun,and shot Cheryl in the head. My only prayer is that Cheryl died immediately! Cheryl's family know absolutely nothing,only what I have gathered from witness's. We probably will never know till our days are over,but we have our own idea's,and we know there were several witness's around the scene. Our family, has suffered a great loss,and are trying to make it from one day to the next,butfrankly,it is almost impossible. We will never know the joy of being with Cheryl,or having any happiness. Cheryl will never know in this life how much she was loved,and cherished!

Cheryl was a beautiful lady,that loved her life. She especially loved holiday time. She was like a little girl,that had to spend Christmas at home! She would sit on the floor,like she did when she was small,and open gifts.

Cheryl opening Christmas presents.

We miss her so-o!

This was the happy times,that we shared with Cheryl!

We only have our memories left,now. And the hope that someday,we may all unite again.


Here's a list of some of my favorite things.

Going to movies, concert and spending time with my family!

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
Arrowsmith,Fleetwood Mac,and Led Zepplin