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In Loving Memory of my daughter Cheryl
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Red Rose, Growing


Welcome to the Cheryl Eason website. Here you will learn about my beautiful daughter,Cheryl. It is Cheryl's families hope and prayer,that this website will motivate someone, with imformation about my daughters murder, to come forward and collect a reward,for imformation leading to the arrest and conviction of Cheryl's killer,or killers. Cheryl was 27,whenever she was murdered at the front entrance of her apartment,at the clinton loft apartment,in Hot Springs Arkansas. She was shot,by a black male,on November 26,2002.Cheryl's family have absolutely no imformation about hetr death. We are devistated,mad,and left with nothing. The suspect was wearing a dark jogging suit,a black toboggin,and is in his early 20's. He is described as between 120,and 130 lbs. And is around 5ft.6in.tall. It seems we have a fairly good description,but still no suspect in custody. It seems there are many wtness's,but no one is in custody. It is outrageous to know that there was an eye witness,that drove up,asking for directions,whenever
cheryl and the suspect were arguing,and yet,we still have nothing! If anyone has any imformation,please contact the Hot Springs Ar. police department,at 501-321-6717,or contact the Hot Springs,Ar.crimestoppers at 501-326742. You can remain anonymous. There is a $5,000 dollar reward,offered by The Carole/Sund Carrington foundation. There is a $4,000 dollar reward offered by Cheryl's family.Pleas help us catch a killer,help us get him off the street.

Cheryl's story is also available at unsolved-crimes international. This is a orgainization that is available to all victims of violent crimes. If it was not for this orgainization, I would have given up,a long time ago. I am Cheryl's mother, and I am so grateful for unsolved-crimes. Check out Cheryl's story,


My daughter was a beautiful rose, everlasting!
Red Rose, Spinning

Cheryl's story can be viewed on the new Nancy Grace show, CHNN, between the hours of 8pm and 9pm, on october 9,2005. Check it out!

Cheryl was a beautiful lady,and very elegant. Everyone who knew her,loved her.This is why I have such a problem with how she died. Who wanted to hurt cheryl? I only know that there is alot of people out there,who can come forward,What are they afraid of? Check out another website for Cheryl,

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.